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Shift is here to...

Flip the script on workshops & trainings,
center equity to create equality,
shift the culture of complacency.

you're ready for us if you can... 


Commit to long-term solution building, instead of one-time, quick fixes.

Commit to accountability to yourself and to your community. 


Create space for growth, discomfort, non-linear, and non-binary ways of working, thinking, and building.


Be open to radically reimagine possibility & transformation, rather than operating in scarcity.


Our Services


We provide various racial equity workshops that help build a critical understanding of race, power, and privilege.  We go beyond implicit bias to unpack its connection to structural racism and how that affects you, your work places and institutions at large. 

GENDER EQUITY & sexual harassment prevention

The gender equity curriculum unpacks topics like the gender binary, structures of power and abuse, and building a culture of consent. 


Our sexual harassment prevention curriculum goes beyond the federally mandated training. The modules are designed through a critical, intersectional lens on power and gender. 


We have supported organizations through: 


  • Internal culture climate assessment

  • Policy & procedure evaluation

  • DEI council/ advisory consultation 

  • Hiring Assessments

  • DEI in social media and marketing 

  • Leadership & Board development


Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion




Know your Rights (federally compliant)


Building a Culture of Consent 


Bystander Intervention

Building a Culture of Consent 

leveling up from allyship


Unpacking Gender Binary 





Unpacking white supremacist Work Culture values

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 SHIFT facilitators always handle these discussions with such care; the comforting foundation and directness that they start with, even if/when the topic can become something uncomfortable for the listener/attendee, helps lead to really fruitful conversations. Thank you!

Photo credit: Janine Namgung, CTLG STUDIO

A note from the founders

We co-founded SHIFT in 2017 in the height of the #metoo movement. We were deeply craving a space for our communities and workplaces to engage in honest dialogue and community accountability. And as Women of Color, survivors, and educators, it was imperative that we center and elevate the work from people in the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled communities. 


SHIFT is a space where we hope to not only support our clients in building tools to create institutional, sustainable, and transformative change -- but a space to engage in radical re-imagining. We strive to create a company that is centered on infinite possibilities, care,  studentship,  accountability, and true relationship and community building. 


Thank you for coming to learn about us! We can’t wait to tell you more about what we do, how we do it, and the fierce community of leaders and facilitators we work with. Together our team works across industries to bridge and expand our collective toolbox and knowledge through SHIFT. We are humbled to be in community with each other;  and with you. 


In solidarity and love, 

Veline, Kausar, Natalie

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I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to collaborate with SHIFT. SHIFT elevated the dialogue by bringing in personal and relatable stories from their experiences with their families and in the nonprofit and academic sectors, compelling graphics that effectively illustrated their points, and powerful lessons around the concepts of justice and community care.  The entire experience was transformative and I will take any future opportunity to work with SHIFT again! 

Through their thoughtful content approach, SHIFT helps hold space for insightful dialogues and engaging interaction.  Anyone who works with them or attends their trainings would be impressed and inspired. Thank you SHIFT, we are so glad to have worked with you.

The Shift team's training went above and beyond the definitions and legalities of workplace sexual harassment. From gender roles to intersectionality, they gracefully illuminated the systemic issues and blind spots that contribute to our culture of complacency -- those uncomfortable truths that are more important than ever to be aware of right now. They cultivated judgement-free discussions and created a safe space for our employees to ask questions, provide examples, and learn from each other. 

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Coachella Is Launching a New Program to Combat Harassment at the Fest

After rampant sexual harassment was reported last year, the fest is setting up safe spaces and roving patrols

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How To Advocate For Your Religious Freedom At Work

How employees can advocate for more inclusive company policies around religious accomodation


Shifting Cultures

Discussions with the co-founders of Shift, a consulting company  creating spaces for honest dialogue, understanding and change.


Race in Philly101: Experts to follow

NBC Philadelphia highlights and recommends SHIFT Consulting as a resource in learning more about systemic injustices. 

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