Veline Mojarro

Veline Mojarro is an artist, educator, and reproductive justice advocate from Los Angeles, California. Her work operates at the intersection of art, social justice, and equity. Veline is a co-founder of SHIFT: Sexual Harassment Prevention, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Consulting and Director of Equity, Safety, and Inclusion for every one, a Goldenvoice initiative to prevent and stop any form of harassment at Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals. She previously was a Lecturer in the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance at UCLA, where she also served as Director of Community Programs for the UCLA Art and Global Health Center.


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Kausar Mohammed

Kausar’s strategic intention is to create more visibility for communities of color and historically marginalized folks. She does so by fostering community in her daily life; producing and acting in TV, film, and live comedy projects; and facilitating discussions around race and gender through SHIFT. Kausar is accredited by NBC, Huffington Post, and Al-Jazeera for her comedy and activism work and has worked with various non-profits, such as LACER Afterschool Programs and Aga Khan Foundation, on their development and marketing campaigns. She can be found eating excessive samples at a local FroYo shop or in the dark alleys of a used bookstore.


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Natalie is a second -generation, Vietnamese American and comes to SHIFT with a background in policy and organizing. She's previously worked on voter education at Planned Parenthood, immigrant rights at the ACLU of San Diego, and policy advocacy at Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles. She's also an illustrator and cares deeply about centering the narratives, identities, and politics of communities of color. Through her artwork, she's collaborated with organizations such as The National Women's Law Center, United State of Women, Asian Prisoner Support Committee, and more. 


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Andrea is creative based in Atlanta, GA. She makes music and loves to read. She has worked in organizations like This Is Zero Hour where she created music about climate change and intersectional environmentalism. Creating music with purpose is important to her and she works to do just that inside and out of organizational spaces.


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Racial & Gender Equity

& Sexual Harassment Prevention

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Bethel Moges

Kim Wu is a community based equity advocate driven to transform local spaces through facilitating sensitive dialogues around racial justice, oppression, and inclusion. She has a Masters of Public Health from UC Berkeley and over 10 years of experience rooted in a popular education approaches to teaching, training, and organizing around community needs.  Through her work at Asians Americans Advancing Justice, Para Los Niños, and Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Kim has been, and continues to, champion expanding institutional capacities to work with impacted groups by inspiring transformative solutions.  

Aaliyah Sade is a recent graduate of the World, Arts and Cultures: Arts Activism and Global Health programs at University of California, Los Angeles. She is a full-spectrum birthworker(doula), certified international yoga instructor, student-herbalist and social justice rooted, community based researcher. Her experience in advocacy ranges from Mexico to Egypt, where she has spearheaded programming in yoga and reproductive justice related community-based research. Her passions include holistic health, gardening and all forms of art.

Navi Huskey is a social justice warrior PrincexXx. An Orange County native, Navi is presently a PhD candidate at the University of California, Irvine studying motivational empowerment. After receiving a B.S. in Mathematics and Psychology, yum spent 2 years as a mathematics education consultant for the Compton and Baltimore school districts. Yum continued in educational service as a department chair and Math teacher for immigrant high school students in the Los Angeles Unified school district for 6 years following a M.A.T. from the University of Southern California. Navi’s dissertation will investigate the role that positive life experiences play in generating motivational hope and optimism for marginalized individuals. 

Bethel S. Moges is a lifelong student and educator. A native of Los Angeles, where she now again resides, she has lived, learned and taught from cities across California to Istanbul to London, Washington D.C. and back. She has a B.S. in Peace & Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley and a Master’s in Migration, Mobility & Development from SOAS, the University of London. Bethel’s current research interests include Post-Development and radical solutions to re-imagining community building. She is so honored to be a part of the Shift team and passionate about lending herself to this important transformational work.

Kimberly Wu

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Aaliyah Sade

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Navi Huskey

Melissa Denizard

A native of Haiti, Melissa Denizard (she/her/hers) is a 21-year old pro-Black organizer, activist, and documentarian. Along with providing a grounding for her political ideology and praxis, Black Feminism serves as a guiding light for Melissa’s perpetual self-reflection. Melissa uses several mediums—including public speaking, film, digital media, and the written word—to help innovate Gen Z’s approach to political theory and discourse, specifically in regards to how we address issues relating to race, gender, and

social class within the united states’ political framework.

Lorena barbosa

Lorena is a social worker, psychotherapist, and social justice advocate based in Los Angeles. She approaches to therapy and her work from a trauma-informed and anti-oppressive lens. She has previously worked for Koreatown Youth & Community Center with domestic violence survivors, youth, and families  She currently advocates for youth at a High School in South Central Los Angeles. She supports this organization by providing individual and group therapy, implementing restorative justice practices, creating a multi-tiered mental health program, facilitating training on implicit bias, trauma-informed care, and building an anti-racist school. She earned a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University with a clinical focus on children, youth, and families.


Lana Ludovico

Lana Ludovico is a creative strategist, DJ and social change innovator. Her expertise is in the intersection of music, culture and strategic change. Lana’s objective is to utilize art as a tool to challenge and deconstruct oppressive systems within our society. As a former graduate of the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands, she graduated with a self-designed degree titled, “Mindful Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry”. During her undergraduate years, she was a student activist who fought for issues of racial justice and equity. This resulted in her being a founding member of the University’s first sorority for women of color. Now as a cultural organizer, Lana has worked with strategizing on numerous art festivals that focus on social justice and mental health.