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"Shift’s presentation enabled conversations about diversity among our incoming freshman class that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, and did so in a way that was relevant, in tune with current events and youth culture, and entertaining.  The presenters put significant effort into researching the culture of our institution and connecting their session to our institution’s objectives and population.  This attention to detail set their presentation apart from those of other Orientation Week diversity speakers we’ve had in the past."

Elaine Kociolek, MA

Associate Director, EOP/ SEAS Center at CSU Maritime

"Veline has been a magnanimous and excellent resource and pioneer in education, access and loving people well. I feel eternally grateful for her support, her invigorating spirit, and her unyielding ability to equip and empower and call out the gold in us all. Her extensive knowledge in theater and sexual health is just that, and yet she still invites us all to be empowered in our own knowledge."

​UCLA Student

"Natalie naturally creates a fair and equitable space to have difficult discussions. What worked well in this workshop was their ability to conduct very comfortable facilitation. "

Claremont Graduate University Faculty Staff Member



​GIRL BOSS: Shift on Religious Accommodation in the Workplace

"It’s helpful to begin conversations with supervisors or managers in good faith. To get the conversation going, acknowledge that the company likely has good intentions. An opener like, 'I know that you company want to create a diverse and included place, so I’m curious about what practices or what examples have you done to accommodate people of different religious backgrounds?” can allow for open communication. You can try the same tactic when asking about general policies to get a sense of what’s available and doable.'"

VOYAGE LA: Meet Kausar Mohammed, Veline Mojarro, and Natalie Bui of Shift


"We also pride ourselves as approaching our work from an artistic lens. We bring the desire to connect with people beyond PowerPoint presentations and handouts – and know that for change to happen it needs to occur on a visceral, human to human level. And we do all we can to approach these practices of diversity and inclusion / sexual harassment prevention on a humanizing and relatable level."

PITCHFORK: Coachella Announces New Initiative Fighting Assault and Harassment


Veline Mojarro, the festival's Equity, Safety and Inclusion Consultant (said), “Everyone from staff to festival-goer is imperative in co-creating a festival culture that not only keeps everyone safe, but respected and included.  We believe in a festival culture that encourages active consent, inclusivity, and community responsibility.”


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